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5 Signs You Are Too Addicted To Your Phone!

These Signs Indicate You are Addicted to Your Smartphone!

5 Signs You Are Too Addicted To Your Phone! June 5, 2020Leave a comment

A few years ago, phones were only used for calling and texting purposes and now it has become a part of your body, a place for your soul to rest.
People say too much of anything is dangerous for you whether its love, money or smartphone.

Below are the 5 signs that will tell you if your smartphone is good for you or too much for you.
“low battery” gives you a heart attack
Have you ever seen your phone battery hit the red zone and it makes you so mad and you say to yourself where is that damn charger , you plug the charger to the phone and while its charging you keep scrolling through the Instagram feed. If you do this often then your already addicted to your phone.

You keep checking the notification
One notification sound from your phone is enough to get your attention. Notification sound is so sweet to your ears that its all you want to hear in a day. As soon as your phone makes the sound you start thinking who might it be from, is it from Instagram or Facebook , did some one liked my photo or tagged me in a post. If this exactly happens to you then your indeed addicted my friend.
Answering texts makes you late
You are at your home you’re already late for your office but your friends message keep popping up on your screen and your wearing your shoes while replying to him and you know very well that your late but if you don’t reply you feel an itch that just don’t go away. Your addiction is on a different level.

You phone is in your hand almost every time
Just as tony stark can’t go on for very long without his arc reactor (chest piece), you also can’t go on without your phone for very long. It is in your hand almost all the time like it has become a part of your body, getting the phone away from you is same as getting all the infinity stones from thanos hand and don’t laugh that’s not a compliment.
You are reading this through your smartphone.