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4 Great push-up exercises to build strong muscles and chest!

Know 4 Best Exercises to Build Chest Muscles!

4 Great push-up exercises to build strong muscles and chest! July 9, 2020Leave a comment

Everyone wants a wide chest , wants to look good. But a strong chest not only contributes to looking good but also in the daily activities of our life which we ignore. Since the chest muscles are very big, they help a lot in working the upper part of our body. Especially if you are a player or play a game. The most beneficial exercise to strengthen the chest is to do pushups. So let’s tell you about those 4 types of pushups that will strengthen your chest muscles.

1. Common Pushups
You must do normal level pushups before going to hard level. These will not only affect your chest muscles but will also affect your shoulders, abs and triceps.
– First step: Stand in a slant position with the strength of your toes and palms. Keep your body straight. Keep in mind that the knees should not be bent and everything from head to heels should be in the same order.
-Second step: Now bend the body by turning the elbows down and try to get the chest as close to the ground as possible.
– Third step: Now push your body upwards. Do 3 sets with 10 raps.

2. Clap pushups
Clap Pushups is a fun exercise. It not only works on muscles, but also helps you in gaining strength.
– First step: Get into the Planck position and go down while doing pushups.
– Second step: Now push yourself up with a jerk and clap quickly while going up and then come back to the Planck position.
– Third step: Repeat the same process again. Do 3 sets with 12 wraps.

3 One Arm Pushups
-First Step: Get into the pushup position. Only the right hand remained on the ground. Open your left leg completely and widen it.
– Second step: Place your left hand on the left leg.
– Third Step: Now lower down with the right hand, then rise up. Repeat the same process with the other hand in the air. Do 2 sets of 8 wraps.

4. Chest cross pushups
Chest cross pushups are almost the same as clap pushups, with just a small difference between the two. And at the same time, chest cross pushups require slightly better timing and strength.
– First Step: Get into the pushup position.
-Second step: Take a long breath. And while exhaling, go down slowly.
– Third Step: Now make a cross on the chest with your hands while pushing yourself up with a jerk. In such a way that the right hand touches the left shoulder and the left hand touches the right shoulder. And return to the Planck position. Do 3 sets of 12 wraps.