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3 Effective Ways To Handle The Fear Of Rejection!

Know How to Handle the Fear of Rejection Effectively!

3 Effective Ways To Handle The Fear Of Rejection! June 4, 2020Leave a comment

In this world of approvals and disapproval, rejections and failures, everything seems colored black and white. Either you are a success or a failure. However, this approach to life can be really distressing and negative. It can never help a person learn and grow. In the struggle of being the best, one may forget the principles of his own being. Why are humans so afraid to accept failures in life? Why does the fear of rejection engulf us completely?

Well, to understand this we need to get back to our childhood days. The days when we used to go to school and were given report cards, judging our performances. We used to excel in a few subjects while failing miserably in some. So does that mean, we are a bad student? No, the mere basis of judging a student by his or her grades can be an uninformed conclusion, which we might regret later in our lives. There are so many other aspects related to a child’s growth that may contribute to his/her overall development.

As a result, when we grow up we see failure and rejection as a huge monster always chasing us. Well, there are a few ways through which we can control the fear of rejection effectively:
1st Way: Not Carrying A Preconceived Notion: We should not think much about the result, before appearing for the test. Our minds should have a positive attitude towards looking at any challenge thrown at us. This shall help us to perform the test with a clear conscience, enabling us to succeed.
2nd Way: Failure is Not The End: We should remove this conception in our mind that failure is a dead end. Our aim should be, to attempt the challenge with full grit and preparation. The result shouldn’t decide our fate in life. Having this mindset shall enable us to overcome the fear of rejection.
3rd Way: Be Positive: For every challenge that life brings on to us, the most effective way is to be positive and give our best. We should be ready to reject any negative vibes around and work in full throttle towards achieving our mission.

Having a courageous attitude in life overcomes all fears of rejection. We should take failures as a stepping stone and rejections as an opportunity of doing things, a little better the next time!