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Top 8 Social Media Challenges Of 2019, See

These are the top 8 Social Media challenges of 2019!

Top 8 Social Media Challenges Of 2019, See December 27, 2019Leave a comment

When the world was busy with their work, some of the social media players were busy in making them more busy. How, by giving some random challenge. Like every year in 2019, this year too people were challenged by giving many challenges. Let’s also take a look at the top 8 challenges of 2019 on social media.

1. Bottle Cap Challenge


In this, you had to open the lid of the bottle without feet. But later people started doing it in a very strange way.

2. FaceApp


This year FaceApp removed a new filter FaceApp Filter. With its help, you could see how you would look in your old age. This challenge was also very popular.

3. The 10 Year Challenge


In this challenge, people had to share collage of their current and 10 years ago photos. People also accepted this challenge with fun.

4. Cheese Challenge


It was a strange challenge. In this, people would throw a slice of cheese on someone’s face and record their reaction and share it on social media.

5. Bird Box Challenge


In this challenge, people used to walk blindfolded or drive a car, which was quite dangerous. It is said to be inspired by a Netflix movie Bird Box. Due to this, many accidents also took place.

6. Chair Challenge


In this unique challenge, people find themselves standing at a distance of 3 feet from the wall and bending 90 degrees and then try to lift the chair.

7. Wrong Answers Only


It was a fun challenge. In this, you had to give the wrong answer to the question asked. The answers were so funny that people used to laugh and laugh.

8. Trashtag Challenge


This was the best challenge of this year. In this, people had to share their picture after clearing their area. Due to this, many garbage-filled places were cleaned.