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This actress accused Salman Khan, know full story!

This Actress Accused Salman for cleaning Bathroom and Dishes as he takes Rs 630 Crores!

This actress accused Salman Khan, know full story! January 11, 2020Leave a comment

Himanshi Khurana is a Punjabi actress. She gained a lot of fame as an actress in the Punjabi film “Sadda Haq”. Himanshi Khurana was born on 27 November 1991 in Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab. Himanshi Khurana’s father is Kuldeep Khurana and mother Sunit Kaur.


The 13th season of Bigg Boss was the most popular. Himanshi Khurana is seen accusing Salman Khan of washing dishes in Bigg Boss house and cleaning the bathroom. This video of Himanshi has been shared by Big Boss fan page from his Instagram account.


The actress says, the dishes have been ruined by washing the dishes in Big Boss. Then one person says, “Salman has also washed utensils, the drama was good” when Himanshi Khurana says, “Salman has taken Rs 630 crores, he will wash.”


Let me tell you, Salman Khan on his birthday saw the condition of Bigg Boss house and cleaned it there. Unhappy with this attitude of the family members, Salman Khan himself went to the house to wash dishes and clean the bathroom.