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Social Media Bullying: See WHY #AnanyaPanday is TRENDING!

Social Media Bullying: See WHY #AnanyaPanday is TRENDING! July 8, 2019Leave a comment

Ananya Panday, known for her performance in 2019 film ‘Student of the Year 2’ is storming the social media with her latest initiative. Social Media Bullying or Cyberbullying is defined as ‘a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means’. And is one of the major issues today’s online teenagers face.

The Bollywood actress shared on Twitter that she is starting a new initiative called ‘So Positive’. She said in the video, “All of us have at some point or the other, were a victim of bullying on social media but no one took a step to combat the hatred. But when one person stands up and says NO to a bully, a lot of people will follow.”

With her tweet shared on ‘Social Media Day’, many fans and other Bollywood celebs are congratulating Ananya for this step. The one-film old actress further said, “With this initiative I aim at building a community. Because when you go through things like cyberbullying, you can have someone to talk to and feel like you are not the only person who is going through this. That’s what I wanna do.”

The actress calls ‘So Positive’ to be a part of her DSR- Digital Social Responsibility initiative. People are taking this initiative further by spreading awareness through their posts. As a result, the hashtag, ‘#AnanyaPanday’ is trending across the social media.