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Latest Social Media Trend Photo Lab App, Know How Safe It Is To Use!

Photo Lab App Becomes Instant Hit on Social Media!

Latest Social Media Trend Photo Lab App, Know How Safe It Is To Use! June 29, 2020Leave a comment

Photo editing app Photo Lab is trending a lot in India, this app has been present on Google Play Store for quite some time. But right now it is becoming increasingly popular in India among social media users. Bollywood actors are using this app indiscriminately with common people.

The Photo Lab app is available for Android as well as iOS users. A Web version of this app is also present. Anyone can download it for free. The app has more than 850 filters and effects. According to the Android Play Store, the Photo Lab app has been downloaded over 100 million times.

After downloading the Photo Lab app once, you will see many filters in the feed, which the user will be able to use. These are in the feed trading, resent and top three categories. In the web version there is no need to create account, you can easily acess some part of this app for free.

How safe is the use of the app
The two companies running this app are VicMan and Linerock Investment. These are known as the Pho.to website. According to the company’s claim, they has nearly 10 years of experience in this field. It also has more than 160 million users worldwide. Many of the numbers recorded on this website are from Russia.

But the authenticity of this website could not be verified. But it is definitely clear that the app asks the users permission to access the photo, then processes it on the company’s server. In such a situation, there are many questions related to accessing third party photos, which are yet to be answered.

One should think before allowing any app to take pictures or have access to phone gallery. Is the image being processed on your phone or on the company’s servers? If the image is being uploaded to the server, how long is it being kept? What about third-party access to your images?