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Kangana Ranaut made This Big Statement over Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide!

Kangana Ranaut on Sushant Singh Rajput's Suicide!

Kangana Ranaut made This Big Statement over Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide! June 16, 2020Leave a comment

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment in Bandra on Sunday. The cause of the suicide has not been known yet. Actress Kangana Ranaut has posted a video on her Instagram blaming Bollywood for Sushant’s death. Kangana is clearly saying that it was not suicide but it is murder.

Along with this, Kangana Ranaut said that “Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has shaken us all.” But some people who are adept at how to run a neuter. They are running in such a way that people whose mind is weak … they come into depression and get suicide. ”
Kangana Ranaut said, “How can one who is very good in studies have a weak mind?” If you see his (Sushant) last post, then he is saying that watch my movies. I do not have a God Father. I will be fired from this industry. They are showing in their interview that why I do not adopt this industry? I feel alone here. He did not get any acknowledgment of ‘Kai Po Chhe’ debut or Kedarnath … or Dhoni.

A grizzly film like Gully Boy gets an award but ‘Chichhore’ does not get any award. These people declare the film I direct myself as a flop. Why 6 cases were put on me. Why tried to put me in jail and people who are writing about Sushant that he is psychotic .. Addict. Those people find Sanjay Dutt’s addiction quite cute. Those people message me that you have a very difficult time. You don’t take such a step.

Why do I say this? Why do you want to put in my mind that you can commit suicide? So it was not suicide, it was murder. But Sushant’s mistake is that he agreed to them. He said you are worthless and he agreed. He wants them to write history that Sushant was of weak mind. They will not tell what the truth is.
Let me tell you, Sushant’s maternal uncle has said, “He cannot commit suicide.” The police should investigate this entire matter. There seems to be a conspiracy behind his death. He has been murdered. ”At present, the police is investigating the entire case. Police has also questioned many people.