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Indian Onions are Stronger than American Dollar!

Onions surpasses American Dollar!

Indian Onions are Stronger than American Dollar! December 4, 2019Leave a comment

The issue of rising onion prices was highlighted when one of the MP’s protested wearing onion garlands! The prices have soared extensively in major cities of India, and the heat was felt when it reached Rs 80 per Kg. The production of onions was greatly affected owing to the non-seasonal rains. However, the Government’s scheme to import 1 lakh tonnes of onion might arrest the soaring prices. Amidst the chaos, the twitter is seen storming with funny memes, which you can relate!

This old tweet of Smriti Irani is trending all over, which warns about Income Tax keeping a close watch on people who are buying onions. This was tweeted way back in 2010, when BJP was in opposition, but now, Smriti Irani is on the ruling side!

This funny tweet states Indian onions being stronger than American dollar as onions surpasses Rs 80 mark!

A funny meme showed how buying 1 Kg of onions can make you an instant celebrity. Thanks for high prices which made onions a rare commodity!

Another user shows the state of middle class society who only ‘imagines’ eating onions since the possibility of consuming them is rare.

Another funny meme depicted a politician raising the issue of onions and people following him, as rising onion prices have set a new benchmark in politics. It’s funny to see how onions have made our eyes wet even without cutting them this time!