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Here’s How Desi Moms React To NO Shave November!

Here’s How Desi Moms React To NO Shave November! November 7, 2019Leave a comment

The favorite period of men is finally here! Yeah, you got me right, it’s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! It is a campaign that began in 2004 by Movember Foundation Charity to increase the awareness about the men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, men’s suicidal, testicular cancer.
The movement is worldwide famous, and so it reached India as well. But what can really beat Desi mom’s comments? Nothing!
Here are some of the best memes picked up for your moms on the occasion of NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!
Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Chappal, belan, bat! These are the equipment of a FAUJI MOM! We all do connect with it, don’t we?!

2) For Desi Moms, the best comparison is “Sharma jee ka beta” and “jaanwar”

Here’s what a Desi Mom feels when her son follows the rule of November!

3) Moms and the desi taunts are inseparable!

4) Desi moms are just too good with the taunts, here’s one !

5) Everyone’s scared of Desi moms and their wives. Here’s one meme showing the happiness!

What can even beat Desi moms and their evergreen comments? Show your moms and have a laughter!