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Don’t miss the 7 Most Controversial Bollywood movies ever made !

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Don’t miss the 7 Most Controversial Bollywood movies ever made ! March 2, 2019Leave a comment

Bollywood and controversies go hand in hand. Almost every year there is a film that has to face a lot of criticism due to nudity, sex, politics, etc. Here’s a list of 7 movies that have created controversies over the years.

Bandit Queen (1994)

This movie is based on the life of Phoolan Devi. It included explicit sexual content, nudity and abusive language. Phoolan Devi was a rape victim turned politician. This movie was initially banned but once released became folklore.

  • Fire (1996)

This movie depicted lesbian love and faced a great deal of criticism by the members of Bajrang Dal.

  • Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Even though Kama Sutra was an Indian origination. This movie had sexually explicit content and was in trouble for the same.

  • Water (2005)

Movie water is based on the difficult lives of widows in Ashrams. The posters of this movie were burnt as it hurt the feelings of Hindus.

  • Sins (2005)

This movie is a tale on a Catholic priest who is romantically involved with a young woman. It’s based on true events.

  • Amu (2005)

Amu was based on the 1984 riots where thousands of Sikhs were massacred and this movie was banned and even set ineligible for being telecast on TV.

  • Padmavat (2017)

This has been the most recent movie that faced retaliation in Hindi Cinema. It was in the news because certain groups felt that this movie misrepresented the history of Rajasthan.