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Carryminati’s ‘Yalgaar’ Broke All the Records!

Carryminati's 'Yalgaar' Set New Records on the Internet!

Carryminati’s ‘Yalgaar’ Broke All the Records! June 9, 2020Leave a comment

As the CarryMinati video title shows from Yalgar, Carryminati will not hold back from roasting, whatever it may be, even if the YouTube platform is considered to be his source of income. Carry’s video, like his previous YouTube Vs TikTok Roasting video, is making a record in terms of views, likes and comments, and Tiktokers, along with the rest of YouTubers, are torn. Let us know a few things that have been on the social media for the past one month and are at the center of it – YouTube, Tiktok, Content, Carryminati and many more.
During the last one-and-a-half months, social media has been the most discussed name of a name that likes to be abused, whose video takes just hours to reach crores of people and is considered to be the roasting king in India. Roast means to do others like this with your words. We have tried to tell you the meaning of roasting in common language. We are talking here about the YouTube sensation Ajay Nagar, which is known as Carryminati in the world of YouTube. During the last one month, Carryminati’s life has taken such a turn that hardly this has happened to anyone in the world of content creation. Carry touched 10 million to 20 million subscribers in a few days, not months. There were millions of views on Carry’s video and in terms of comments along with likes, Carrie’s video reached such a height that this has hardly happened in YouTube history in India. Carryminati is considered the one man army of the YouTube world, whose job is to roast.

This all happened due to the YouTube Vs TikTok: The End video released by Carryminati on YouTube on May 5. The video caused uproar on all social media sites including YouTube. Carryminati came on Twitter trends, crores of people watched her videoes in a few hours. There were millions of comments and likes on YouTube videos and then that video suddenly disappeared from YouTube. Hey, how did this happen? With this Carryminati, crores of his fans came to mind and they started looking for answers to this question. However, first of all there was a lot of controversy. Actually, Carryminati made this video while roaming the content and tiktoker Aamir Siddiqui of China’s famous app Tiktok, who posted the short video. After this, a debate started on social media about which platform’s content is better and who works more hard to make videos. We will not go into the depth of this dispute here about who is better, but after this the uproar and the famous people involved in it will definitely talk.

It happened that as soon as YouTube of Carryminati’s famous video was removed, the fans became very angry and before that hashtags like #BanTikTok and #uninstallTikTok started running on social media. After the video was deleted by Carry, this anti Tiktok campaign gained further momentum and then Tiktok’s rating on the Playstore dropped from 4.5 to below 2. The dispute was getting deeper. Many warriors were joining TikTok vs YouTube War. While Carryminati got along with many famous YouTubers including Amit Bhadana, Bibi Ki Vines, Ashish Chanchalani, YouTubers like Kunal Kamra and Dhruv Rathi also criticized Carryminati a lot and termed her abusive style as content creation. At the same time, Tiktok Community was behind Carryminati.
In the Carryminati controversy, there was a lot of debate about the quality of content appearing on TikTok and YouTube, which did not come to a right conclusion. Meanwhile, Carryminati posted an emotional video on social media after her video was deleted and said that her words were misinterpreted. But it is said that what do you regret now, when the bird has devoured the field, the same happened to Ajay Nagar. But the 21-year-old Delhi-NCR man posted another video warning that his new video would be Yalgar, which had the tagline – Carry roasts, does and will continue to do so. This video also showed amazing and the hearts of the fans increased.

Meanwhile, famous comedians and YouTubers Kunal Kamra and Dhruv Rathi also roamed the content and video of Carryminati, which got views, but both of these YouTubers were abused. Also, the video got likes in millions, but dislikes got in millions. Now the condition of these two is that they are posting posts on social media as to why I took a flying arrow. However, what had to happen has happened. But Carryminati’s new video ‘Yalgar’ is also making a record on YouTube. In just 17 hours, Carry’s new video has received more than 24 million views, has received more than 4 million likes and is on the move to make new YouTube records increasing hour by hour.