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American singer gives waitress $2020 as tip for a $78 bill!

This American Singer gave $2,020 as a tip!

American singer gives waitress $2020 as tip for a $78 bill! January 8, 2020Leave a comment

A server at IHOP café, St. Charles Illinois was overpowered with happiness when she had a look at the tip she got. The American Singer Donnie Wahlberg and his better half Jenny visited the eatery on the night of January 1st.


Bethany Provencher served them the arranged feast and a while later, she gave over the bill of $78(5600 Rupees) to the couple. At that point came the minute when she understood something jotted on to the bill. It read, “Because of Bethany” and “2020 Tip Challenge, Happy New Year”.The tip was a continuation of a web-based social networking tip challenge advancing partaking in New year. Prior to a man in Michigan, US tipped $2020 to a server for a $20 dinner.


Jenny McCarthy posted a picture of this receipt on twitter, which mentioned the tip of $2,020 on it. She also wrote an inscription saying, “Donnie Wahlberg beginning 2020 off like the astonishing man he is,” below!