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5 Famous Movies That Predicted Surge of Deadly Coronavirus!

These 5 Popular Movies were first to Predict 'Coronavirus' Outbreak!

5 Famous Movies That Predicted Surge of Deadly Coronavirus! March 13, 2020Leave a comment

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 epidemic has put people across the globe on edge. Interestingly, these real-life events were seemingly predicted in fictitious works, including novels and movies.
1. Contagion (2011)

‘Contagion’ the 2011 movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon in lead roles has taken over top trends worldwide due to its eerie similarity with the deadly Coronavirus. This Science fiction thriller tracks what happens when a deadly China born virus goes global and leads to mass chaos as epidemiologists race to find a vaccine.
2. The Flu (2013)

‘The Flu’ is touted as the first-ever South Korean disaster movie about a viral pandemic. The disaster movie tells the story of panic, despair, and desperate struggle for survival of a hopeless city that has been quarantined and essentially left for dead after the outbreak of a deadly virus that kills a person within 36 hours. With its realistic portrayal of the horror and chaos that follows a national-scale disaster.
3. 12 Monkeys (1995)

Terry Gilliam’s 1995 science fiction classic ’12 Monkeys’ starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in lead roles follows a time traveler sent back to the 1990’s to identify the origin of a global pandemic that nearly wiped out humanity. Although the plot is a little jumbled, excellent performances and mind-blowing plot twists make this one an exciting movie experience.
4. Outbreak (1995)

Director Wolfgang Petersen’s 1995 film ‘Outbreak’ looks at the events that follow a viral hemorrhagic disease outbreak in a small American town. As the scientist race against time to stop it from spreading, a bloodthirsty Army general steps in to try to use the virus as a bio-weapon.
5. 28 Days Later (2003)

In Danny Boyle’s 2003 original ’28 Days Later’ the world is beset by a viral pandemic that turns anyone infected into permanently enraged monsters. While the mysterious and incurable virus spreads, those who managed to survive it, try their hardest to find sanctuary. The film, with a zombie apocalypse undertone, comes with sharp political allegory.