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You’ll Have a Successful Relationship if You Eat Like This!

You’ll Have a Successful Relationship if You Eat Like This! June 14, 2019Leave a comment

Some people eat to live, but some, they live to eat! But it is a fact that everybody needs to eat. Psychologists across the world have tried to study how eating habits represent personality traits of people. Here are 5 interesting facts from the research:

1) The ‘Sweets’ Lovers:

Indian Festival Sweet Carrot Food Traditional

Many people prefer a sweet dish over any other, and that often means they are a calm and kindhearted person. If you are a sweets lover, chances are, you care about other people. You’ll always be there when someone needs you, but you don’t generally like to share the issues in your own life.

2) More of a ‘Spicy’ Person:

If you relish spicy food, the research shows that you can change from a complete sweetheart to a vicious person in seconds. (Please don’t get angry after reading this!) But, you are usually the first to help out if someone is stuck with a problem.

3) If You’re Like, “DON’T TOUCH MY FOOD”:

Most probably, your friends hate you for this. But if you have an issue with people touching your food, you might be a person obsessed with organising stuff. You like to keep things neat and clean, you are good at your work and relationships, but are often stressed out. Try being a little flexible for your own good!

4) If “I Want to Try That!” Is Your Motto:

If you like to try out new cuisines, you’re perhaps an adventure-person. You are not afraid to sample out novel food, and this approach reflects in your life as well. That makes you an interesting person, and people want to be friends with you. That’s nice, keep it up!

5) If 2+2 Equals 5 For You:

If you like to mix different food items while eating, it suggests that you like to take things upon yourself. You take responsibility, and your boss loves you for that. Also, your relationships are successful because you try and make time for everyone. But you often end up over-committing, which can land you in trouble!

If you can relate to any of these eating habits and traits, let us know in comments. You can also share the article with your friends and family to let them know what type of eater they are! Happy eating!