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Travelling Solo ! Make sure you read this before choosing your destination

4 Risky Countries for Solo travel in 2019

Travelling Solo ! Make sure you read this before choosing your destination March 26, 2019Leave a comment

Travelling alone is bliss and made for the brave, however, in case you are planning a solo trip, Here is a list of 4 Riskiest Countries to travel alone. Make sure you go through it before you make a decision for backpacking off alone.


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Egypt may be famous for the pyramids and sand dunes, but it was also in the news recently for political unrest and ISIS terror attacks. Especially Women are hounded and followed aggressively in streets or markets here. Also dressing up conservatively in areas where locals live is advised.


This is not surprising. Women especially in this country are suppressed and if a foreign woman so traveller would not be safe at all. Even for a male, Afghanistan seems to be a risky place what with Terrorist groups and outfits hailing mostly from this part of the world.


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It’s TRUE ! India is a risky place to travel alone, be it day or night. For women more so, as the rape cases are on the rise in recent times.


Be it drugs or smugglers, kidnappers, Mexico has it all. It is probably the most riskiest place for Americans but so for any other Nationality. Gun violence is common here.

So, travel solo in 2019, but either Avoid or be extra careful before venturing into any of these countries.