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Travel Destinations for YOU, based on your Zodiac Sign

Travel Destinations for YOU, based on your Zodiac Sign June 22, 2019Leave a comment

According to Zodiac Signs, our personalities differ and that is what this selection of Holiday destinations is based on. You could be adventurous like a Saggitarian or even restless like a Gemini or just luxury seeking Taurean. All zodiac signs tell the kind of travel you would like to take.

So here’s the list for every Zodiac Sign:

Aries – 21st March to 19th April – Let’s Go for a TREK

Active by nature and lover of adventure activities like trekking, biking, rock climbing and river rafting, people born under the Aries sign will love Ladakh, Sikkim and Himalayas.

Taurus – 20th April to 21st May – Let’s go for a Lavish BRUNCH

Taureans are always looking for Luxury. The love to eat and shop always, so Places like Goa, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Kerala are a treat for these people as they beautiful scenic views and delicious food.

Gemini – 22nd May to 20th June – Let’s TRAVEL and chat all along the way

For a Gemini, travelling should be fun rather than the journey. They are adaptable and love places rich in culture and where there is scope to explore. You can easily spot a Gemini talking to local people as if they belong there. Places with mystery like Rajasthan, Hampi and Benaras will excite them.

Cancer – 21st June to 22nd July – Let’s SWIM

Water is what makes Cancerians fall in love with the place. These people are emotional by nature and love places with a romantic feel. For a person born under Cancer, Goa and Andamans are a real treat for them, as Beaches will excite them most.

Leo – 23rd July to 21st August – Let’s DINE in style

The royal Leos have a thing for luxury. They need vacations, which are Grand, and places like Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Agra and even Hyderabad are best suited for these people as they are brimming with life.

Virgo – 22nd August to 22nd September – Let’s make a PLAN and stick to it

Virgo’s like to be prepared, organised and well informed before leaving for any destination. So, they like places which are similar to their sense of organisation. So places suited for them would be a well-organised city like Jaipur or Kerala.

Libra – 23rd September to 22nd October – Let’s have FUN wherever we go.

If you are looking for a fun-filled vacation, you need to find a Libra companion as they are easy going and they do not really have fixed . A Holiday in Kerala, Ladakh, Matheran, Port Blair, Kanyakumari are the perfect spots for these people.

Scorpio – 23rd October to 22nd November – Let’s EXPLORE

The mysterious Scorpio love places which are remotely located and around the beaches. Small charming towns like Auli, Kodaikanal, Matheran, Port Blair, Goa are a perfect hideout for them

Sagittarius – 22nd November to 21st December – Let’s just TRAVEL

Known as the Talkative sign of all, these people outdoors and they simply hate staying put at one destination. They love happening places and quiet close-to-nature places too. So any destination is good for them.

Capricorn – 22nd December to 19th January – Let’s EXPERIENCE cultures

Style and elegance is key when travelling with Capricorn partners. They love exploring the fine things in life and love to visit places which are culturally rich. Varanasi, Rajasthan and Agra are places they would love to travel.

Aquarius – 20th January to 18th February – Let’s FEEL the place

Leisure and pleasure is important for an Aquarius traveller. Meditation in Rishikesh or any Ayurvedic Lodge or Spa in Kerala or just sitting by the lake and enjoying scenic beauty in Srinagar’s Shikara is something they would love.

Pisces – 19th February to 20th March – Let’s TUNE IN to this place

Emotional and dreamer, Pisceans have a thing for magical places. Any place that brings out the poet in them such as stunning Lakshadweep Islands or Himalayas. They don’t need luxury, just solitude.

So where’s your next Vacation going to be?