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Know the ‘3 Crystals’ that can bring You “Love, Success and Wisdom”!

Know the ‘3 Crystals’ that can bring You “Love, Success and Wisdom”! September 19, 2019Leave a comment

Who does not love Classic crystal solitaire jewellery? Every woman loves brands like Swarovski and Tiffany’s. So if you are planning to buy a nice piece of Crystal jewellery then we have some vital information for you.

But First, What are Crystals? They are nothing but stones of the Precious Kind, and they possess magical energizing powers. The gemstones like Ruby, emerald and diamond are NOT crystals although they do have some power in them. But crystals are completely different ball game. They are compounded stones which have a magical energy within them which science is not able to explain, YET…

Crystals were easily available than gemstones and were largely used by doctors and mystics in the olden times for healing any person, of his mental illness and increasing energies. The study of crystals is very vast but we have shortlisted 3 amazing crystals that will do amazing things for you.

Rose Quartz:  Also Known as the Love Stone


If you want to attract love and passion, Wear a Rose quartz ring or bracelet. Rose Quartz is known to attract love and also cleanse the heart chakra. Rose quartz crystal figurines are available in various places and can be placed in your home too, to attract unconditional love.

Price : This stone is priced lesser than a Ruby, and ranges from 2000 to 20,000 rupees.


Turquoise: This crystal is also known as Turkish stone


This stone is famous in India as ‘Salman Khan’s Bracelet’ stone. The Aqua blue colour of this crystal is soothing to the eye and was used as a talisman by kings in the olden times. This crystal is known to have protecting properties and increases luck. Also, whoever wears this will experience that opportunities open up for them.

Price : The crystal ranges from 400 to 5000 rupees.


Amethyst: To give you clarity of mind and to increase your wisdom, this is a crystal you need to keep with you.

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Amethyst removes negative energies and relaxes whoever wears it close their skin. Wear and amethyst pendant or carry this stone in your wallet and see the difference.

Price : Amethyst crystal ranges from 1000 to 1 Lakh rupees.

So, the next time you want to buy precious stones, do not spend too much and just buy these affordable crystals.