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The Science behind the “Saubhagyawati blessing, Sindoor and Mangalsutra”

The Science behind the “Saubhagyawati blessing, Sindoor and Mangalsutra” September 10, 2019Leave a comment

‘Saubhagyawati bhava’ is one of the most important blessings every Indian Woman seeks. But what does it really mean? Let’s dive deep into it . ‘Saubhagya’ in literal Sanskrit means “good luck” and the blessing ‘Saubhagyawati Bhava’ means “may you always be the one whose husband is alive, may you remain safe from the curse of widowhood”. But what makes a Woman “Saubhagyawati” besides her husband being alive are these 5 Indicators, namely Mangalsutra, Toe Ring, Nose Ring, Bangles and Sindoor.

Let’s look at them in detail:

1. Mangalsutra –

What it is – A thread made of Gold and Black Beads woven into it, that a Groom ties to his Bride on the Wedding day. This the Bride wears it then, for as long as she lives as an indicator of her being a Married Woman

Scientific Reason behind wearing ‘MangalSutra’ – Wearing a Gold or silver around the neck is know to increase Blood Circulation, and the black beads are known to ward of the “Evil Eye’ or ‘Nazar’. The Pendant , usually an attractive one brings attention towards the neck and chest of the married woman to attract her husband.

2. Toe Ring –

What it is – A Ring that is worn in the Toe fingers, usually in the Toe beside the Thumb, which is the 2nd Toe. It is made of Silver usually.

Scientific Reason behind wearing ‘Toe Rings’ – Ofcourse it enhances the beauty of a bride’s foot, but scientifically the nerve of the 2nd toe is directly connected to the female reproductive system and the friction that it generates results in the massage of the finger and keeps reproductive organs healthy and stimulated. Menstrual cycle is regularized as well . Also,the metal Silver is a good conductor,hence it absorbs polar energies from the air and distributes through the whole system.

3. Nose Ring –

What is it – A ring or a wire that is worn on the nose, usually by puncturing the skin on the side of the nose.

Scientific Reason – A Nose ring actually regulates breath and makes a woman be more aware about her surroundings. This is achieved by puncturing a nerve on the wall of one side of the nose.

4. Bangles –

What is it – Bangles,as universally known, are worn in both hands. They are usually a combination of Glass, Gold or brass.

Scientific Reason – Glass Bangles make a constant tinkling sound, these sounds are known to be calming just like Chimes and ward of any negative energies. Plus the pulse and nerves that bangles rest on are actually the motor nerves which increase a woman’s confidence to think and work.

5. Sindoor or KumKum –

What is it –

Sindoor is made of Vermillion which is a Red fine powder , usually applied on the forehead in a dot or as a line between a woman’s hair parting.

Scientific Reason –

Also known as Kumkum, it is applied between the eyebrows where exactly the “Ajna Chakra” or the Third eye is located, which provides energy for spiritual insight. So that a woman experiences clarity of thought and vision, the cooling Mercury Sulphide or Cinnabar present in sindoor as well as bhasma, cools the third eye and saves the brain incoming heat from the surroundings. This results in a calm and composed woman who may be hounded by pressure of married life.

So these are the scientific reasons behind the 5 main indicators that every Indian woman who is married adorns herself with, and this shows that our vedic scriptures knew what they were saying and it is not just a myth or superstition to wear Sindoor, Mangalsutra et al.