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The new Vehicles Act has created a stir among People after citizens are Fined from Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000

The new Vehicles Act has created a stir among People after citizens are Fined from Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000 September 6, 2019Leave a comment

The new motor vehicles act has taken the country by storm. The act has come with hefty prices to be paid by traffic violators. Though the step has been taken in good faith for the public to obey traffic rules, the prices that are being charged to violators has left everyone baffled.

News of people being fined an enormous amount is doing the rounds on social media. Have a look for yourself.

A Tractor driver in Gurugram was fined a whopping Rs 59,000 for 10 traffic violations. His tractor was seized soon after the driver was caught violating the traffic rules. The fine levied are for the following offenses.

  1. Driving without a driver’s license
  2. Driving without a registration certificate
  3. Plying a transport vehicle without a fitness certificate
  4. Driving a vehicle without third-party insurance
  5. Violating the air pollution standards
  6. Carrying hazardous goods
  7. Driving Dangerously
  8. Disobeying orders from the Police
  9. Not Following traffic signals
  10. Violation of light or yellow

In another case from the same state, an auto driver was fined Rs 32,500 for not having the necessary documentation required. The driver was found without a driving license, registration certificate and insurance papers.

Similarly, another auto-driver was fined Rs 47.500 in Odisha for driving under the influence of alcohol and not having the necessary documents. The driver was in a complete state of shock as he had purchased the second-hand vehicle only seven days back for Rs 26,000 which is almost half of what he has to pay as fine. His vehicle was also seized soon after.

A total of 3900 challans were issued on Delhi itself in one day after the act was amended. People have no option but to opt for loans from banks to pay the fine. Union transport minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari has stated that these rules have been brought on so that people will obey the rules and soon no fines shall be paid.

The country is in shock and everyone is opposing the new act. People want the Municipality to pay fines for the lousy roads and potholes that put us all in danger. The cases of people being injured from accidents caused due to potholes have increased and it is havoc during the monsoon season. People often run into heavy traffic because the road signals are not working. If the government wants us to be safe, it needs to create an environment which is safe and then apply these fines.

There is no doubt that new Act is for people to obey the rules for their well being but the question here is should we pay fines for driving in such roads where the government won’t bother to pay our medicals bills for accidents caused because of poor infrastructure.