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The 5 Cs for a Healthy State of Mind !

The 5 Cs for a Healthy State of Mind ! September 9, 2019Leave a comment

From running to eating healthy, we youngsters are really conscious about our physical appearance. Six packs do matter a lot, don’t they? Life is already too fast and we are trying to keep a pace with it. Earn big, dream big, live lavishly! These are the priorities. But hey, ever wondered the home your body is living in is a chaotic mansion? And you should do something to make the building stronger? What is the point of living in a chaotic home? I’m talking about our minds. I have seen and read a lot about the importance of being physically fit, six packs, eat this and eat that videos. But the most important part that we over look is, the healthy state of our mind.


Why do you need a healthy state of mind?

Mind is the machine of your body. If the machine does not function properly, the physical appearance and the output will naturally be affected. Hence, it is substantial to keep the healthy state of mind.

Keeping mind in control is necessary. Everything that you feel about the environment around is the byproduct of your mind. It is in your control. The fear, the nervousness, the anxiety you feel is because you allow your mind to feel that emotion.  When you let only the positivism touch you, your entire body and life works better.

Make your mind a better place to life, not an intoxicated one!


We need to know the 5 Cs of life to maintain the healthy state of our mind.

1) Calmness:

The ability to calm your mind is one essential trait that a human being must possess. A human mind can be very chaotic at times. It is essential to keep the mind calm. The mind in stress is l

The best way to calm your mind is by meditating.

2) Clarity:

It is really important that you bring clarity in your mind by prioritizing the things of your life. When you know what you want, you have a clarity in your mind. Having 100 things in mind will play with the peace of your mind. When you get clear on your aims, priorities and goals, your minds gets clarity.

3) Compassion:

Perfect is a myth! But we humans want to make everything perfect. That is how we lose compassion towards ourselves. In a desire to stand out everyone else, we lose the compassion that we are supposed to show to ourselves too.

Comparing ourselves with someone else, creating pressure to yourself and doubting your own abilities. With compassion you accept your capabilities and do not undermine yourself.


4) Concentration:

Living in age where getting distracted is the easiest thing, concentration is must! Concentration is a dedication to yourself. It is being truthful to yourself. Being concentrated puts your mind to a healthy state.

5) Courageous:

Being courageous does not mean going on the wars and killing people around.

Take courage for achieving what you want in life. Be courageous to take a stand for your thoughts, leaving all the hesitations behind, be courageous to take a stand what your heart wants.

The 5 Cs are the basic component of your healthy state of mind. It is like a vehicle, and they’re the wheels. Even if one is lost, the vehicle does not move further.

Hence, it is really important to take care of your mind.

Your mind is your home, pamper it!