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Right to Disconnect: Now You Won’t Need to Reply Your Boss After Office!

Right to Disconnect: Now You Won’t Need to Reply Your Boss After Office! July 11, 2019Leave a comment

Many of us get work-related texts and emails from boss even after we leave the office. Frustrating, right? No more if this bill is passed in the Lok Sabha. The bill is called ‘Right to Disconnect’, and NCP MP Supriya Sule is trying to get it passed in the parliament.

The Right to Disconnect bill will enable employees to disconnect from telephone calls, emails and text messages related to work, after work hours and on holidays. It proposes to establish an ‘Employees’ Welfare Authority’. Sule has also started an online petition to push the Bill and over one lakh people have supported it.

The main motive behind this Bill is to let the employees be free of digital distractions, allowing them to connect with people around them. The Bill proposes ‘Digital Detox Centers’ which will further help to draw a clear line between an employee’s professional and personal lives. As a result, it also aims at reducing people’s stress levels.

The previous draft of the Bill read, ‘According to the report released by the World Economic Forum, the proportion of mobile workers who could work from any location is expected to rise beyond 70 per cent. While this has benefits in terms of work flexibility, it also carries significant risk of erosion of boundaries between professional and personal life.’

France is the only country currently having a legal provision that lets employees disconnect from work-related emails after office-hours. They enacted related law in 2017. It encouraged companies to set certain ‘blackout times’, during which an employee wouldn’t be responsible to respond to an email.

What is your opinion about this bill? Do you think the ‘Right to Disconnect’ is really important? Let us know in the comments.

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