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Reduce Challan from ’10k to 100 rupees’: This Cop’s Viral Video tells us HOW…

Reduce Challan from ’10k to 100 rupees’: This Cop’s Viral Video tells us HOW… September 24, 2019Leave a comment

Afraid of getting out on your new motorcycle? Wondering how much challan might be charged? No worries! A Cop’s video is Trending where in he explains how you can reduce the traffic challans as per the Motor Vehicles act 2019. In truth, not many know the Motor Vehicles Act 2019 well and of course no one has the time or energy to actually go and read it all.

Commonly known Challan value are as follows:

  • Pollution certificate, if not carried with you at the time of driving or riding your vehicle, will fetch a fine of Rs.10,000.
  • In case the license registration certificates are not carried, then 5000 rupees challan is levied
  • If there is any missing insurance documents then it can cost you around 2000 to 5000 Rupees as per the new traffic challan list.

However not wearing helmet or ‘drinking and driving’ kind of acts are better avoided as you will have to shell out a good amount of fine for it and it is inexcusable.

But a cop recently uploaded a video, where in he explains that for few circumstances, it is possible to reduce your 5000 rupees traffic challan to just 500 rupees or even a 2000 rupees traffic challan to just 100 rupees under the new motor vehicles act.

The Cop in question is, Mr Sunil Sandhu and his viral video is now massively popular everywhere. His post has over 10 million views currently with 3 lakh shares and 13000 comments presently.

He reveals that there is little awareness about many rules and sometimes the rider may have just forgotten the documents, so what do you do in such a case?

He explains that in case you have just forgotten the documents, what you can do is, just fill in a normal challan along with the relevant documents to the authorities within 15 days of the violation of the rule. This will help reduce each fine amount to as low as Rs.100, however this is not applicable to offences like without helmet riding a driving under influence of alcohol.

His video has invited a lot of good comments, but What is notable is he clearly argues that if we can protect our smartphones by buying screen guards and other stuff for it, then why can’t we wear a seatbelt or helmet to protect ourselves. He has a point, Don’t you agree?