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Here’s a Global “WARNING”: A Look Into the World After 50 Years!

Here’s a Global “WARNING”: A Look Into the World After 50 Years! April 22, 2019Leave a comment

We love this planet, Yes we Do! But somewhere subconsciously we love ourselves more. We are lazy to the extent that washing machines and other digital devices have reduced our workload and workstress, and yet we are stressed and mostly unsatisfied.
Earth Day was established in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, the then US Senator, and proposed 22 April as the day to honour the Planet Earth. But it as been almost 39 years and the planet is continually being polluted. The global warming and steps to evade its effects are losing its effectiveness. So it is safe to say that, it is literally in our hands to save Mother Earth now.

On that note, Here are some eye-opening Predictions and Facts about the way the world would be 50 years from now, so hold your breath as its not for the Faint-hearted:

1) World Population:
Prediction: The Current world population marks upto almost 8 billion and a study says it might reach 10 billion in the next 50 years. Scary! Yes, maybe, more people many less space and more consumption of resources.

Fact: The Biggest reason for World Population explosion is the advance of medical knowledge. The death rate has decreased since year 1921. It was about 43 per 1000 people, and in the year 2000 it fell to 8 per 1000 people. Vaccinations, great quality health care and advanced birth options have added to the populace. It might soon be time to move to Mars if this continues.

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2) Rising Temperatures and extreme winters:
Prediction: The mercury is rising and how! The planet seems to be heating up at a fast pace and that means global warming. In about 50 years, Air-conditioning will be a norm and spaces outside of it will be unliveable.

Facts: Scientists have proved that since last 100 years the average temperature has been about 15 degree Celsius. In the last 3 decades, there has been 0.6 degree Celsius rise in overall Global temperatures and it is rapidly rising.

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3) Water Water Everywhere:
: Forget buying that new mercedes! You might have to stock up on speedboats or live on a houseboat considering the water levels are rising at an increasing speed and with tsunamis and floods being common disasters.

Facts: Satellite images and readings denote that every year, the sea level rises by 3 mm. Also, contributing to the rise in water levels is the melting of ice caps. 390 billion tons of snow and ice melts each year as the globe warming increases.

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4) Wars will be fought in space:
No land or sea will be conquerable due to enhanced security hence the only place where wars will take place is space.

Fact: Countries are vying to conquer outer space. And trust when we say its not juts to put satellites which monitor land, many countries want to set up their missile and defence centres on the Moon. Imagine a missile that is launched from the moon and can land at any country as a target.

5) Artificial Intelligence and Robots will take over 80% work which currently humans do.
Prediction: Although everything will be easier then, the worry is humans may not be hardworking and creative 50 years from now.

Facts: According to Google, 65% businesses of the world are already running AI-based applications on premise, 22% on premise only, and 43% have opted for a combination of on-premise and cloud. So with the percentage increasing by the minute it is safe to say in future, AI might conquer human labour completely.

All the above have been proven by a study, so just wait it out for 50 years more. But that is, if you manage to Survive the extreme climates and global warming.