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OMG! This Bull Delivers Milk on Its Own, Doesn’t Need a Master!

OMG! This Bull Delivers Milk on Its Own, Doesn’t Need a Master! June 25, 2019Leave a comment

A bull is a very common animal in rural India as they can perform a vast variety of tasks. Generally, they are helpful for the agricultural development of small scale farmers in primary cultivation (such as ploughing and harrowing) and village transport.

But you already know that, right? What you didn’t know is, there is a bull who can work on its own. ‘Sonya’, the bull from Sangli district of Maharashtra is getting famous after a video featuring him went viral.

Shivaji Salunkhe, a farmer from Kalambwadi village is the owner of ‘Sonya’. Since 8 years, he has brought up the bull like his own son. He has also managed to train the animal to follow a pre-defined route from his farm to the milk dairy without needing a master.

Salunkhe owns 10 acre of farm land and 40 cattle, which produces around 200 litre of milk each day. Once collected, he loads the milk in cans on Sonya’s bullock-cart. The bull then gets on the road all by himself and stops directly at the milk dairy 3 km away.

Sonya walks by side of the road and does not create any disturbance to traffic. Further, when it reaches the dairy and the milk is unloaded, it comes straight to the farm without wandering anywhere else.

It is a rare scene even in Incredible India to see a bull transporting goods without a human to guide it. Many villagers and passerby stop and admire ‘Sonya’ when it goes on doing its work. And they are both. fascinated and proud at the same time.