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OMG! This Village is famous for a ‘Century of Cricket grounds’. Deets inside

OMG! This Village is famous for a ‘Century of Cricket grounds’. Deets inside May 8, 2019Leave a comment

In a change of careers, several farmers from the dry region of Gurugram converted their agriculture lands to high-quality cricket grounds. In addition to a dry weather, the lands were unfertile and held a lack of water. Due to this, not only were the lands there not capable of growing mustard and wheat- but this also made farming highly uneconomical. Located on Gurgaon Farukhnagar road, Sultanpur, these grounds are in the middle of a huge IT hub, attracting various corporate candidates for a few games during their work day!

The newly developed cricket grounds provide a larger income to these farmers by a huge margin. The farmers give their lands on lease to organisers and earn up to 3,20,000 Rs. yearly! There are 12-15 well equipped cricket grounds and 3 matches are played per day, the number increasing to 5 only if it boasts floodlight. One earns 10 to 12 thousand per match and make 24 to 30 thousand per day as each team has to pay around 3 to 5 thousand to play. Apart from this, the day-night matches are even costlier due to increased demands. All of this amount plays the role of covering the fees of balls and fees of umpires as well.

Most of these grounds have a well-oiled ecosystem that supports village people. Sachin Khurana, a proprietor of Turf Sports Management and one of the most experienced match organisers had this to say, “The demand for good cricket grounds has increased over the years. There are many people including several ex-cricketers, who think taking a ground on lease and making a quick buck is easy. It’s not because you cannot just depend on one ground to earn. We also run cricket academies and hold international cricket tours.”

These grounds attract various regular players- from children to adults- all wanting to take a break from their academic or work life. It’s a real delight for sport-lovers as they get to play more, at a lower price! But, not only are these grounds huge attractions, they are also professional and very well equipped. They come along with showers, canteens, floodlight and all other essentials required for the players!

What started as several agricultural lands without proper facilities, these cricket grounds today have become a source of income for various farmers as well as a method of recreation for others!