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Not a “Good Friday” after all! Know why you should never wish anyone a ‘Happy Good Friday’

Not a “Good Friday” after all! Know why you should never wish anyone a ‘Happy Good Friday’ April 19, 2019Leave a comment

Is Good Friday really a Good memory for all ? Why we never wish anyone ” Happy Good Friday” like Easter ? Let’s know some startling facts about this festival and the truth behind it. But first, some facts, Jesus Christ was crucified on this day, he was tied to the cross, paraded and hoisted. This certainly is not a Good memory but what is Good is that he came back from the dead, he rose the very next day and showed the world that he is the True son of God.

So let’s know some more startling facts about Good Friday:

1) No Meat Day:

Good Friday is celebrated to mark the end of Lent season hence no Christian eats Meat on this day

2) Fasting :

In some places , Christians hold a rigorous fast on this day to be one with their Lord who suffered the crucification

3) The Place where Jesus was Buried:

It was at the tomb offered by Joseph of Arimathea. However on Sunday, which is now known as Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the grave.

4) Bell tolls 33 times:

The ending of the Good Friday service is observed by a mandatory tradition of tolling church’s bell 33 times.

5) Betrayal:

Jesus Christ was betrayed by his own disciple for just 30 pieces of silver. His name was Judas Iscariot. He later saw how Christ was being Crucified and was filled with guilt and committed suicide.

The story moves your heart, but what moves the world even more today is that a Man, like Jesus, who was the son of God, had to endure so much pain even after committing no sin.