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“No Plastic, Pollution or Traffic jams” Know why this IAS officer’s Veggie Shopping is TRENDING!

“No Plastic, Pollution or Traffic jams” Know why this IAS officer’s Veggie Shopping is TRENDING! September 26, 2019Leave a comment

What an Idea and Inspiration! People say a lot of things for Fit India Movement, Swachh and Pollution Free India movement and Buy Local initiatives…..But there is one IAS officer who is actually walking the TALK. The Man in question is Shri Ram Singh, Deputy Commissioner of West Garo Hills in Meghalaya.


Here’s How he is setting an example:

“21kgs of weekend organic Vegetables shopping, No plastic, no vehicular pollution, no traffic jam, Fit India, Fit Meghalaya, Eat Organic, Clean & Green Tura , POSHAN , 10km morning walk” he says in a post shared on Facebook and which has gone massively viral.

This Facebook post has a picture which shows him shopping for groceries and vegetables from a local market near Tura. What’s interesting is, he champions the Plastic-free revolution and uses a ‘Kokcheng’ a traditional bamboo basket for veggie shopping.


So when he says :

1. No Plastic – He is using traditional ‘kokcheng’ a bamboo basket for shopping

2. Eat Organic – He is supporting Local farmers and buying clean and pesticide-free vegetables, which is also the POSHAN directive

3. He walks 10 km in the morning – This shows he is supporting the Breathe Clean air and NO-pollution initiatives.

4. Walking 10 Km with 21 Kg Veggies on his back – Also shows his support for FIT India Movement


Post his Viral Facebook post, comments and likes are flowing in at a fast pace with presently 2.3K likes and 428 shares. Comments like “His humility and dedication to the work and the people is truly an inspiration,” and “Inspiring. Simple living and high thinking,” have poured in supporting the humble IAS Officer’s effort to Walk the Talk.

To Quote Mr Ram Singh, in another eye-opening statement he says ” “I feel modern challenges need traditional solutions. If we go by traditional ways, we can stay fit.” True Dat! We say..

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