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Meet the Kung-Fu Nuns of Ladakh: The Heroes of the Himalayas

Meet the Kung-Fu Nuns of Ladakh: The Heroes of the Himalayas June 18, 2019Leave a comment

Whether its the serrated cliffs of Ladakh or the picturesque appeal of the Buddhist monasteries, Ladakh is pristine and pure in its raw form without the touch of modernization. Ladakh’s generations-old way of living still appears to be unblemished by modernity.

Ladakh is engulfed with the tranquility of nature which is broken by the energetic yells of young women nowadays. These young women hail from the 100 year old Buddhist sect, who are teaching self-defense to women and are rightly called the Kung Fu nuns.

Unlike, other nuns of Ladakh, their prayers and incantations are accompanied by thrusts and Kung Fu kicks. Jigme Wangchuk Lhamo, one of the Nuns from the Monastery says that, “Most of the people think that nun just sits and pray, but we do something more here.” She further said, “If we act, people will imagine that if nuns can act, why can’t we?’”

Jigme Wangchuk Lhamo belongs to the Buddhist Drukpa Lineage, which is the only female Buddhist monastic system, in which females are given equal rights and status similar to a male monk. Otherwise, nuns are not allowed to exercise and have to do only normal chores such as cooking and cleaning.

The Kung Fu Nuns of Ladakh are the real example of women empowerment and are a source of inspiration. They even trek thousands of miles to raise awareness on issues ranging from pollution, rapes to human trafficking. The nuns are the real heroes of the Himalayas and are trying to fight one of the biggest menace of the society which is ‘Rape’, by teaching self-defense to women.