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Meet ‘India’s First Computer Literate village’!

Meet ‘India’s First Computer Literate village’! November 8, 2019Leave a comment

Computer literacy may not be hard to come by or achieve in today’s date, but exactly 10 years back it was a big deal and maybe even now, when a remote village claims to be 100% computer literate.

Meet India’s First Computer-Literate Village:

Chamravattom village, which lies in the Triprangode panchayat of Kerala’s Malappuram district, took up and made an unique claim to fame to be completely computer literate.

By which, it means, at least 1 member of every family here has completed basic computer literacy training. Isn’t that commendable! Well ofcourse it is as there are 850 families presiding in the village and that is quite a feat to achieve.


How the training was given:

Computer skills were given at the local “Akshaya” centre, which was a one-room facility equipped with 5 PCs, a server and a printer with an Internet connection. Every slot for the computer training is booked in advance and even Housewives took the training in the afternoon slots.


Everyone from the village completed 10 lessons each, using a specially-developed interactive module, alongwith a Malayalam commentary to explain the concept of tools such as mouse, keyboard and a headphones. After they have completed the 15 hours training, the learners took an online test. And when they answered all the questions correctly, the screen would flash the message: “Congratulations: you have attained computer-saksharatha!”


Each person in this village can handle a personal computer, MS-Office and create and edit pictures. Not only that but also compose text by using a specially-designed Malayalam languages tool. They also browse Internet, send emails and make voice calls too.

Chamravattom village, which lies on the banks of the Bharathapuzha, has become our nation’s first 100 percent computer-literate village and that is matter of huge pride for all of us.