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Know How This 7 Month Old Child Becomes Mayor in the US!

Know How This 7 Month Old Child Becomes Mayor in the US! December 21, 2019Leave a comment

7-month-old William Charlie McMillan has been appointed Honorary Mayor in the US city of Whitehall. Charlie is the first person to become mayor at such a young age. He also took the oath of office after being elected mayor at Whitehall Community Center the previous day.

150 people had arrived at Charlie’s swearing-in ceremony. Charlie was elected mayor of Grimes County in October this year. In fact every year a bid is made for the post of mayor during the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual BBQ Fundraiser Program.

This time Charlie was named the highest bidder after which he was elected the youngest mayor of the country.

Charlie Also Sworn In As Mayor

Josh Fultz, who was under his swearing-in, said that Charlie had come to take the oath with his parents Shad and Nancy. Josh Fultz told 41 years, Charlie came there and was very happy to see the excitement of the people. Members of a local band also came to the event, who sang patriotic songs and performed by the dance group members of the local high school.
This event was planned by Charlie’s parents. Charlie also took the oath of office as mayor, overseen by frank Pokluda. He was adopted by his parents while taking the oath.