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IIT-Madras Students Develop A New Robot to clean Septic Tanks and save cleaners’ lives

IIT-Madras Students Develop A New Robot to clean Septic Tanks and save cleaners’ lives April 1, 2019Leave a comment

A group of IIT Madras students have recently come up with a new life-saving idea- “Robots to clean Septic Tanks”. Facts reveal that around 28,000 sewage workers die while cleaning the septic tanks annually. Obviously, this robot is a boon and going to prevent thousands of deaths. These students’ invention have been applauded all over.

An official stated, “From January 2019 alone, some 15 deaths have taken place.” As per the 2011 Census, millions of Indian people are using septic tanks. Therefore, septic cleaners are often needed to remove the hard sludge at the bottom of the septic tanks. It’s too perilous to go down the chamber, but lower-income labors are still being sent to clean that thick sludge without any safety gear. As a result, workers are dying due to toxic gases.

Thus, when it comes to the functionality of this newly developed robot, it works like a miracle and cuts the thick sludge-like stuff easily. After that, those already cut-up remains will be collected by a vacuum pump. This kind of Robot was already introduced in Kerala by GenRobotics last year.

This robot has a universal arm which can catch the waste and store it in a container. And then that wastage filled container will be taken out of the manhole and emptied by the robot itself. Plus, it has a machine vision which will help the human operator to clean the wastage more effectively.

But talking about IIT Madras students’ SEpoy robot, they chose a small robot to clean the lower layers of the septic tank. They creatively used bio-inspired six-fin propeller which can effortlessly work inside the manholes. SEPoy has also cutters that slash sludge-like dirty stuff and take it out of the tanker.

“It is retracted, put into the septic tank, then it opens again; we rotate it and the contents of the septic tank are cut up. Then it can be sucked out using vacuum pumps,” explains Dr. Rajagopal.

“This is an excellent work. Now, under the Swachh Bharat scheme, many toilets are being built in remote areas with narrow streets where the pumps cannot enter. This invention will be very useful for these cases,” says Ms. Sukumar.

And the robot is still in the prototype stage and expected to finish within a year.