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If you think Holi is the only festival of colours and water fights, think again !

Holi is a Vibrant festival undoubtedly, but here are some festivals from around the World which are similar and fun all the same !

If you think Holi is the only festival of colours and water fights, think again ! March 20, 2019Leave a comment

If you thought only Indians liked to get Down and Dirty, think again! Here are 5 festivals from around the World which will change your mind for sure!

1. La Tomatina:

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We’re sure most of you have watched the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and dreamt of heading to Spain right away after seeing groups of people pelting squashed tomatoes at each other. Well folks, that fun event was nothing but the La Tomatina festival which is held in Buñol every year.

2. Battle of Oranges

Similar to La Tomatina, this festival is celebrated in Italy. Large groups of people segregate themselves into various groups and pelt oranges at each other the entire day. We bet they smell incredible after that!

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3. Haro Wine Festival

You get the drill right? Haro Wine Festival is celebrated in Haro, northern Spain. The festival not only involves pouring gallons of wine at each other but also Wine Drinking Competitions .

4. Mud Festival

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Mud Festival is celebrated in various parts of the world, for instance- Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea, Paleo Festival in Switzerland and Michigan Mud Jam. The common ground for all Mud Festivals is that it boils down to getting slathered in mud.

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5. Songkran

Basically known as the Thai New Year Day festival, Songkran involves people running after each other throwing ice water and smearing a beige coloured paste on pretty much anyone they can find on the streets.

So, which of these festivals would you like to be a part of?