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Iconic Breakfasts from 6 Indian States which just cannot be Missed..

Iconic Breakfasts from 6 Indian States which just cannot be Missed.. October 14, 2019Leave a comment

“Breakfast like a King” they say, and true to this, Indians have a king-size breakfast in many states and towns. From North to South, we give you an insight to Breakfast across 6 Indian states:


1. Tamil Nadu

Cities like Chennai, Kanchipuram..

Even PM Modi said he felt a “sense of satisfaction”, which came from “Chennai’s breakfast”, which included idli, dosai and vadai. Not only the usual Dosa and Idli, but curd rice, paniyaram and many more items form a Southern breakfast staple and they are very healthy.


2. Maharashtra

Cities like Mumbai, Pune…

Mumbai is a mix of all cultures but 2 things are very famous for Breakfast in mumbai, one is the Parsi or Irani Cafe Chai Bun Maska and the other Misal Pav. The other cities serve up items such as the very maharashtrian styled Poha, Sushila or Sabudana wada.


3. Andhra Pradesh

Cities like Hyderabad..

No kidding but Hyderabadis love rice, and besides their delectable biryanis, their breakfast is comprised of Kheema Pav and Egg Khagina and the very famous stuffed Kulchas.


4. Delhi/ NCR/ Punjab

Cities like Old Delhi, Gurugram, Chandigarh..

Can delhi go beyond Aloo Chaat and Chole Bhature for Breakfast? Yes, Think Parathas, all types of different fillings is widely available as a street food all over these states, especially the northern parts and with Lassi. Also Pyaaz ki Kachori is huge favourite.


5. Gujarat

Cities like Surat, Ahmedabad..

Khaman Dhokla, a breakfast item made of fermented rice and chickpea batter is found in most parts of Gujarat, followed by a dish called Handavo and methi muthias.


6. West Bengal

Cities like Kolkata…

Famous for fish, their breakfast borders on vegetarian food. Radha Ballabi, a lentil stuffed poori or Ghugni, a spiced curry with toppings of onions and chana, is a top favourite of all locals, and not far behind is the delectable Deep Fried Mughlai Paratha, which is stuffed with meats.


So don’t miss a chance to taste these delicacies on your next trip to these places.