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Here’s why Google’s HQ is the World’s Most FUN office!

Here’s why Google’s HQ is the World’s Most FUN office! October 18, 2019Leave a comment

We spend half our life at our workplace, a place where we spend 9 hours of our day, and if the office is what we dreamed of, it adds to our sanity and productivity, thus giving us a sense of enjoyment and fun.

Now imagine, in comparison to your mundane office, an office which takes care of all your comforts, allows 3 snack breaks, offers rooms to nap like luxe hotels and gives the added benefit of recreation such as swimming pools, game facilities and spas. Would you hesitate to work overtime in such a place?


Chances are, YOU would not even want to go home or take leaves. And what if we tell you that such offices exist and very much pay you for working as well. Here’s a one World renowned company, in which anyone would give a ‘hand and leg’ to work in. Google Inc. it is!


Google office is famous for all the software business they have, but the feather in their cap is keeping their employees happy and spending crores of rupees on them. The Largest GOOGLE office is in New York, spread over 2.9 million square feet.

The 2nd major Google headquarters is “Googleplex California” which is spread over 2 million square feet. What’s surprising is that Googleplex has 9000 solar panels which produce 1.6 MW of electricity and it is an eco-friendly office. Google has 70 offices in 40 countries.


We give you some more startling facts:

1. Over 72 million dollars are spent on employees every year

You will be shocked to know that this company spends more than 446 crore rupees on its employees. Those working in Google get a hefty salary package and the company spends a lot to give a good work environment to its employees. What’s even more startling and a matter of pride for us, is that about 40% of the employees working in Google headquarters are of Indian origin.


2. World Class Facilities

The offices employ world class facilities as below:

  • The Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, anything and everything is FREE in premises and is offered to employees 3 times a day
  • Wherever you go in Google offices, the Cold drinks, coffee and snacks vending machines are available, and they have access free of charge.
  • Employee recreational Facilities like swimming pool, rest zone, garden and a fully equipped gymnasium is open to all employees
  •  A Fun zone with billiards, pool tables and gaming area is also available
  • Especially necessary and well thought of is that if you feel tired, you can go to the spa and get a massage also, or even get a haircut at the in-office salon.
  • Open air tennis courts and other outdoor activities like cycling are also available
  • Owing the large area, they give a facility of bike racks, electric cars and motorized scooters to go from one place to another inside the office.
  • Most importantly, they also have an inhouse store of electronics and computers, wherein any problem with a laptop, phone or any other device gets repaired within a day time and its open 24×7.

The Interiors of Google Office

Google’s office is beautiful from the outside and is equally colourful and vibrant from inside. Wherever you look, there is a Pop of colour everywhere which adds to the happy and fun mood of the workplace. There are colorful work stations for all and each department has a different type of décor and furniture design, which adds to the workplace fun and reduces work stress.


Google is a path-breaking and game changing company of today. Their efforts to make workplace environment the best in the world shows, that Great companies first value their employees before their customers or product. No wonder they are the Most successful companies ever!