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“What does “Morya” mean when they say “Ganpati Bappa Morya”?

“What does “Morya” mean when they say “Ganpati Bappa Morya”? September 1, 2019Leave a comment

“Ganpati Bappa Morya!” – The slogan gets us high with josh! But do you know the meaning of it?

‘Ganpati’ is a Sanskrit word which is made with two words. ‘Gan’ and ‘Pati’. The term ‘Gan’ means people and ‘Pati’ means ‘Lord’. Hence, Lord Ganesha is considered the ‘Lord of People’. We all are well aware of Ganpati Bappa, but what is ‘Morya’?

Very few know the meaning of Morya. But 18 kilometers away from Pune, a village called Chinchawad is well aware of Morya. Every kid, every man, a woman is aware of Morya! The third word has a very interesting story.

So, we are going to talk about “Morya” today!

What is Morya?

Going back to the 14th century, Morya Gosawi was the biggest Ganesha’s devotee. His dedication and devotion towards Lord Ganesh were known to even the Peshwas.

The Morya Gosami Temple has been dedicated to him, where he took Samadhi and crores of devotees pay a visit. It is said that Morya Gosawi asked a wish from Lord Ganesha that his name should be taken with his name, forever. Considering the fact, that he was the most devoted and loyal followers of Lord Ganesha, he granted Morys this wish. That’s why his name is taken with Lord Ganesha. 

There’s another story to it!

It is said that Morya Goswami walked 95 km every Ganesh Chaturthi from Chinchawad to Mayureshwar Temple for Lord Ganesh. He had been a great Lord Ganesh devotee since his childhood. He has been performing this routine every Ganesh Chaturthi till the age of 117. Due to old age, he could barely walk. And one fine day, Lord Ganesha appeared in his dream and said: “When you’ll bathe, you’ll find me.” Which became true.

When he visited the pond to take a bath, he found an idol of Lord Ganesha. He took it with him and established in Chinchwad, which is today known as Morya Gosawi temple today.

 Because of this, people started coming and paying a visit. This devotion became a topic of discussion for a lot of people. Not just Maharashtra, people belonging to the other states also started visiting the temple. It is said people did not visit only for Lord Ganesh, but also to witness the most devoted worshipper, Morya!

And that is how Ganpati Bappa Morya came into existence!