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Gandhi Jayanti: Know why it’s not just another Birthday!

Gandhi Jayanti: Know why it’s not just another Birthday! October 1, 2019Leave a comment

2nd of October has more significance to it rather than just a celebration for the great Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. This day marks as a guiding path for several people across the globe. Gandhi Jayanti is also celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence all around the world. It is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who led millions of people against the British rule with two main principles i.e truth and non-violence.


Mahatma Gandhi remains a prominent face in India’s struggle of freedom and only a few may have had an impact on the world as huge as him. His actions such as fighting against the caste system and abolishing the practice of ‘untouchablity’ won over the common public who later joined him in the Dandi march and Quit India Movement. Even after all the struggles he went through, his leadership played a big role in India’s Independence.


His teachings and words are revisited on this day among organizations and schools which creates a platform to preach the importance and spread awareness about the term non-violence. Patriotic songs are played, speeches are given and activities are performed by children all while a positive atmosphere is created. Movies made on Mahatma Gandhi can be seen on television screens and people visit the places associated with him on this day.


The title ‘Mahatma’ does justice to his contribution to the nation and the great leadership he portrayed. Hence, on 2nd of October every year we not only celebrate the Birthday of The Father of our Nation but also a day that cherishes his contribution and his path of non violence.