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From the Temple of Rats to a Floating Post Office: Fun Facts about India You Didn’t Know!

From the Temple of Rats to a Floating Post Office: Fun Facts about India You Didn’t Know! June 7, 2019Leave a comment

‘Incredible India’ is not just the tagline of Indian tourism, it is a factual statement. This land of diversity was just a big, big island about 100 million years ago. It collided with the Asian continent some 50 million years ago and the Himalayas were born, and so was the Indian subcontinent. Spanning across over 3.2 million square kilometers, it is the seventh biggest country in the world.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about India:

1) The Great Indian Railway:

The number of people traveling in the Indian Railways every day is over 23 million. This is about the same as the whole population of Australia! The Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia, and connects more than 7,100 stations, with more than 12,600 trains running daily.

2) I Can Walk English, I Can Talk English:

India is the world’s second largest English-speaking nation. With around 10% of its population fluent in English, it is second only to the USA. And this number is ever increasing!

3) World’s Only Floating Post Office:

The country has the largest number of post offices in the world, and it also includes one floating on a houseboat. Found on Dal Lake in Srinagar, the floating post office also includes a philately museum within itself.

4) Poll Booth for a Single Voter:

The largest democracy in the world is very apt to maintain its tag. A small hamlet called Banej, found in the middle of Gir forest of Gujarat has only one resident, Mahant Bharatdas. There is a special polling booth set up every election for this single voter.

5) A Temple of Rats:

Yes, there is a temple dedicated to rats. The Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan is home to thousands of them. Pilgrims worship these rats and believe them to be their ancestors. India is known for its diverse tradition and culture, and here is an example of the country’s strange beliefs.

There are certain things that can happen only in India. These are also the things that make this country unique as it is. And that’s why we call it the ‘Incredible India’.