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Choose these Offbeat career options and never ‘work’ a day in your Life !

Few offbeat creative career options for you: if you want to explore a path less traveled!

Choose these Offbeat career options and never ‘work’ a day in your Life ! March 26, 2019Leave a comment

Gone are the days when we have to be content with limited traditional career options available to us. In the past few years, manifold offbeat careers have paved their way which has given tremendous and countless opportunities for youngsters to make their successful careers in such out of box offbeat ventures. Offbeat careers often are less expensive as compared with traditional careers like MBBS, Engineering, and Law etc.

Since competition in the offbeat careers is also very less, the growth rate is very steep and sharp. Hence in this article, we will talk about some offbeat Careers.


Bartending as a career might seem unconventional but you will be astounded to know that it is a very lucrative venture to pursue. This career falls under the department of hospitality and tourism, so if you want to earn money while making cocktails and mocktails then you can head to pursue Bartending as a career. 

Pet Groomers

Now you must have not heard of pet Grooming as a career. Pet groomers are similar to like makeup artists, it’s just they are the one who grooms animals rather than human. If you always find yourself tempted to pets and like grooming them. Then a career can be an exciting career to choose from.

Fitness Trainer

If you are a fitness freak and you like being fit, then Fitness trainer can be the idyllic career for you. Famous fitness trainer even earns a 5 figure salary. There are copious opportunities in this filed like gym instructor, Aerobics Instructor, Corporate trainers, clinical exercise specialist and many more.

Radio Jockey

Now talking of careers, what about Radio Jockey? This career is equally rewarding and promising. This career is all for those who have infatuation towards music and wants to be recognized by their voice. 

Ethical Hackers

Now almost each one of us likes video games and spending hours playing them. What if you can pursue your career in gaming rather just playing it. This is one of the booming careers where you can even end up being a billionaire, all you need is the passion for games and designing skills.

With the burgeoned preponderance of internet, cyber attacks over the years have also increased. Hence the demand for Ethical hackers has witnessed a gigantic steep to help companies ward off cyber crimes like hacking of email accounts, sensitive data, passwords etc.