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Bored of PUBG? Here are 5 Games You can move onto

Bored of PUBG? Here are 5 Games You can move onto July 25, 2019Leave a comment
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Pubg is easily one of the best games we have all come across. It took the world by a storm for its refreshing take on Battle Royal games and innovative gameplay. But just like all other games, this game does have an expiry date within all of us. You cannot listen to the same music for months and likewise, you cant play the same game over and over again.

Don’t worry, We’ve got your back for your expiry date. These games will help you get over your Pubg Hangover


1-Guns Of Boom

This FPS shooting game has fun written all over it. With spectacular visuals and hardcore equipment, the adrenaline-filled action never stops. With over 50mn downloads and a 4.5-star rating, this action-packed game is the next big thing.


2- Dead Trigger 2

A first-player zombie shooter games that have mouth-watering action graphics and tons of battlefield arenas. This game has different types of operations such as story mode, Global missions, and side quests. The graphics are lively and a 4.5 rating makes it impossible to miss out on.


3- N.O.V.A Legacy

A one of its kind FPS sci/fi game which had gained popularity because of its intense gameplay and insane deathmatch where every bullet counts. The graphics are just mesmerizing and the game is a true winner in all levels.


4- Armed Heist

This game will surely get your hearts pumping. Robbing banks has never been more entertaining in a game. This heist game is a treat to all with some killer game feature and some excellent storyline. A 4.4 rating makes it a game not to miss out on.


5-Dead Warfare

The dead are here to hunt you and it’s your duty to team up with your mates to kill these inhuman beats. This game will test your survival instincts during a zombie apocalypse. With more than 10mn downloads, this game should definitely be on your list.


Its time to move over the Pubg fever and invest your time in some more fantastic shooting games.