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Bollywood Celebs who were BANNED By The Media! Why and How? Deets inside

Bollywood Celebs who were BANNED By The Media! Why and How? Deets inside July 10, 2019Leave a comment

Celebrities are famous for their movies and their tantrums. Well, to find such news is not something very surprising. In the past, there have been several other actors and actresses who have been in news for their arrogance and have been boycotted too.

Let us have a look at Indian actors and actresses who were boycotted in the past!

1) Kangana Ranaut

The most recent is, Kangana Ranaut. She has been in the headlines for her misbehavior with one of the reporters during the film event of “Judgemental Hai Kya?”

A representative from the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India told the producer Ekta Kapoor that they would be boycotting the actress. The actress has already made it clear that she will apologize for anything.

2) Salman Khan

In 2014, at the launch party of the song ‘Devil’ from the movie ‘Kick’, the photographers expressed an urge to Khan to pose at a particular spot, to which he denied. This led to a clash and the photographers group put a ban on the actor. However, it was lifted later on when Salman Khan invited the photographers to his sister’s wedding.

2) Amitabh Bacchan

The superstar of Bollywood, Big B was boycotted by the media for almost a decade. There were no interviews, no photographs and not even a single mention of the star. While this ban, his super hits like, Deewar, Sharabi, Muqaddar ka Sikander, Lawaaris and Natwarlal, among others – were released. The reason mentioned by Big B was that the press was informed by ‘sources’ that he had given the idea of the Emergency and a ban on the press. 

3) Shraddha Kapoor

After the success of Ek Villain and Ashiqui 2, the actress showed the little bit of arrogance to the paparazzi not being very welcoming for getting clicked. The matter was escalated when she refused to get clicked at the airport. The entire group of the photographer boycotted the actress unless her PR team met the shutterbugs and apologized the photographers and Shraddha Kapoor personally also apologized for it.

4) Pulkit Samrat

Pulkit Samrat is known for his misbehavior with the photographers at the airport and the court. He has been clicked attacking shutterbugs on several occasions. A section of the photographers of Mumbai allegedly banned Pulkit Samrat because of his rough behaviour with them. At a recent event, when Pulkit stood in front of the photographers to get clicked, only couple of them clicked him despite fifty of them being there. They all yelled to each other to get their cameras down.

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