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Birthday Boy Sachin Tendulkar shares a memory of an unforgettable ‘Victory’

Birthday Boy Sachin Tendulkar shares a memory of an unforgettable ‘Victory’ April 24, 2019Leave a comment

Sachin Tendulkar is often deemed as the God of Cricket. He might have retired now, but still enjoys an enormous fan following in India. Owing to his unbelievable talent and batting skill, he has achieved almost every milestone as a batsman in his career.

Recently, Sachin Tendulkar shared a memory of his biggest day on the cricket field. The day when India lifted the World-cup in 2011 is the best memory he has till date. Tendulkar’s performance in the World Cup 2011 was exceptional and astounding. He was among the highest run scorers then.

In his career, Sachin was part of 6 world cup teams, but it was the 2011 World Cup victory, which fulfilled his utmost desire of winning the world cup. Reminiscing the same, he said that the Indian fans should espouse the current Indian Cricket team with heart and spirit this year, to boost their confidence in the forthcoming World Cup tournament.

Sachin further said, that he wishes to see the 4th star on the Indian Cricket team jersey this year. Actually, the current jersey of Indian cricket team has three stars above the logo of BCCI. The three stars above the BCCI logo on commemorate India’s 1983 and 2011 World Cup wins and 2007 World T20 win.