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#BharatKiLaxmi takes on Twitter by storm because of PM Narendra Modi!

#BharatKiLaxmi takes on Twitter by storm because of PM Narendra Modi! September 30, 2019Leave a comment

The is flooded with stories of women who have achieved success in life and have contributed to the pride of the country. It all started with PM Narendra Modi who pushed for women empowerment and said, This Festive season, let us celebrate Bharat ki Laxmi.

Soon, Indians came out with their stories if Inspirational women who have achieved greatness in their life. The hashtag bharatkilaxmi soon became trending on Twitter. Following are some of the posts shared by the Twitterati.

The brave Neerja Bhanot who gave her life to save passengers of the flight Pan Am 73 from hijackers!

Mary Kom, Hima Das and PV Sindhu, The sportswomen who won it big for India in their respective category.

The evergreen playback singer Lata Mangeshkar who achieved big in the music industry for decades.

Animal welfare activist Friederiker who dedicated her life to serving animals and earned the title of Sudevi Mataji!

Narthaki Nataraj, India’s first transgender to be honored with the Padma Shri Award.

Future leaders of India who represent the nation as debaters in competitions around the world.

Kisan Chachi, Rajkumari Devi is a farmer who cycles across villages to preach the people from rural areas about kitchen farming!

A proud father of a talented young daughter winning on the important issue of water management.

Kamala Pujhari, the 69-year-old who has preserved endangered breed of spices and hundreds of traditional paddy varieties!

One of India’s first female fighter pilots, Avani Chaturvedi.

The winner of Arjuna Award 2007, Prashanti Singh! The shooting guard for Indian National Women’s basketball team!

Among these are many other women who have proved the old school mentality in our society wrong and achieved something that has made this Nation proud and shall keep doing so. #bharatkilaxmi

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