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Stressed! Walk in to ‘Bhadaas Café’: India’s first Anger Management Café

Stressed! Walk in to ‘Bhadaas Café’: India’s first Anger Management Café May 14, 2019Leave a comment

Anger has become a part of our daily lives, youth being at the centre of it with a lot of pressures and tensions, be it in their personal or professional life. But as circumstances are, not everyone can express their anger and let it out. This leads to nothing but the accumulation of anger within that person, which ends up hurting them even more. If you are one of such unfortunate souls, or know someone who needs to take their anger out, then the ‘Bhadaas Café’ can just be the right place to go to!

Many people calm down when they eat their favourite food. But some need to go an extra step further and smash things to feel at peace. The Bhadaas Café in Indore, Madhya Pradesh serves you both. ‘Bhadaas’ means anger and frustration in Hindi. The café, true to its name, is India’s first anger management café that allows its customers to release, their anger and feelings that can be choking them, in a room where no one can see or hear them. If needed, there is also a counsellor and psychologist available at the café who can help people overcome their anger

In cities like Dallas (United States)and Melbourne (Australia), such anger rooms run successfully where people tired of their daily chores come to seek respite and relief services. There’s a dire need for people to recognise the significance of such platforms with India being no exception. Situated in Chandra Nagar in Indore, Bhadaas café has started a new trend. And it is gathering a lot of attention as well. It is a place where you can smash your anger out by breaking up/smashing articles such as glasses, bottles, tables, chairs, and even TVs, only by paying up a small fee!

Furthermore, the café also offers a variety of delicious food as well. So after you’re exhausted by taking all that anger out, you can choose finger foods you like, such as cheese nuggets, potato bites, French fries, Haryali bites, and so on. Freshly made juices, tea, and coffee are also at your service. This unique café is one of its kind in India, but the owner, Mr. Atul Malikram has plans for expansion of the café pretty soon.