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Ayushman Khurana steals our hearts, once again!

Ayushman Khurana steals our hearts, once again! November 12, 2019Leave a comment

Ayushman Khurana, not just an actor but a real artist, a poet, an actor! Ayushman Khurana has always been the most liked actor of Bollywood. Once again he has taken away our hearts with his art.
In his recitation, he begins with talking about the stereotype a man goes through.

“Mard ka stereotype hai, badi macho waali hype hai.

Woh ghar chalaega, ladki ko bachayega, woh royega nahin, weak nahin hoga.”

A strong remark on the Indian society and how men are not allowed to be weak. Because crying is a sign of weakness. An opening with a sarcasm.

The poet recites his beautiful friends, subtly introducing the plight of men who are not allowed to express their choices.

“Pink aur Pink Floyd ke beech mein woh kucch bhi pasand kar sakta hai.

Andhera zyada ho toh woh bhi darr sakta hai.”

Strongly disagreeing with the fact that Pink belongs to girls only.

Questioning the patriarchy and stating that not just women but men have also been the victim of this severe injury!

“Wo jaldi jaldi bada hone ke bojh ke neeche bada hota hai, dil uska bhi 300 gm ka hota hai. Par uspar lohe ka social cover chadha hota hai”

“Kyunki six packs se nahin bante hain mard, na zyada kamaane se bante hain, na chillane se, na aansoon chupaane se bante hain. Kisi aur ko thand lagti hai to dil uska bhi sard hota hai.”

“Ki jisko dard hota hai, asal mein wo hi mard hota hai”

Ayushman Khurana with his poem slams the patriarchy!