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Article 370 Scrapped and Memes were not late to Arrive

Article 370 Scrapped and Memes were not late to Arrive August 5, 2019Leave a comment

The face of Kashmir is set to change with article 370 which gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir is officially scrapped. Twitter was flooded with opinions where some acknowledged the decision whereas some criticized it.

Whenever there is some big news, memes are not late to follow and people came up with some hilarious memes. We’ve brought out the best ones for you:

1st August- MS Dhoni lands in Kashmir for his stint, 5th August- Article 370 scrapped. Literally, MS Dhoni finishing it off in style.

After Chandryaan 2 launch another film strict is ready for Akshay Kumar to grab.

Separatists trying to figure out what just happened.

Another ball hit out of the park by the Modi government. Brave and bold decision.

Property dealers are have enjoyed this new more than anyone. Akshay Kumar won’t be the only one making money out of this.

Another day another prediction come true for Jofra Archer. Seriously is this guy from the future?

Time to take things under control for the brave men of India.

Only time will tell how this big decision will shell out. For the time being, sit back and enjoy these memes. Jai Hind