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Are you Celebrating Freedom on 15th August? If yes, Make it count!

Happy Independence Day!

Are you Celebrating Freedom on 15th August? If yes, Make it count! August 12, 2019Leave a comment

As cliched as it may seem, 15th August is all about celebrating Freedom. Yes, it is a long weekend and everyone rejoices considering the holidays, schools and offices have…Time for everyone to plan their vacations. Right? However, India’s Independence Day has become quite predictable in this day and age. Besides being a holiday for most lucky ones, on this day there is nothing special done by the citizens or commoners besides flag hoisting and watching Freedom fighter movies on TV. The only place, where there is great activity during this day or any such special day is the Media represented by the Web, TV and Radio.

Usually, you will wake up to 103 WhatsApp messages , 20 SMS and 4 emails wishing you a ‘Happy Independence Day’. The messages on WhatsApp range from whacky, witty to downright serious! Few record a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ in their voice and forward it on WhatsApps. Talk about enthusiasm, we have it in range of 50-1000!

But the media, especially Radio and TV, go berserk on this day. Every 5 minutes of playing patriotic songs, the RJ wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day. It does get very cheesy when the jokes about, “if you are married, do not celebrate this day” are repeated every half an hour.

On TV, the PM ‘s speech gets flashed umpteen times, till the viewers can actually say the speech unprompted themselves and then the news channel takes down to dissecting every line the PM has to say, all amongst visuals and colours of our flag.

Ok honestly ( and hoping not to sound too cliched again ) , I would love to see a starkingly different and meaningful celebration of our Independence Day. Why don’t we call for a citizen gathering on this day and do something together in groups ( from Kashmir to Kerala) . Not part of any group or party but Just as “Citizens of India”, on this day, why don’t we gather and say “Plant more trees in your region, or let’s clean up one or more roads together. Why dont we take our kids to a nearby village (if near your city ) to show them that people still live without water and light, so as to kindle the fire in their little hearts of what they are going to do, to change this world or our country for the better.”

If this activity, taken up in all seriousness, on days, such as our Independence Day, will surely give it more shine and honour than a 103 messages on WhatsApp, patriotic songs on radio and speeches on TV. Do You Agree? ……Jai Hind….

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