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Akshay Kumar: The 52-Year-old Khiladi who is giving the youngsters a run for their money

Akshay Kumar: The 52-Year-old Khiladi who is giving the youngsters a run for their money September 9, 2019Leave a comment

The one and only Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar has become the go-to actor for any director to produce a guaranteed hit movie. A versatile actor who can make you laugh, cry and inspire you all in the same movie. Even at the age of 52 he does not look a bit older than 25 years and is giving the youngsters of the B-Town a run for their money.

But how does he manage to look so fit even at the age of 52? Here’s his little secret

Healthy Lifestyle:

Akshay has always been a fitness freak who shaped his body with the help of martial arts, sports and having a very disciplined life. For him, health matters the most and he follows a strict workout routine. His day starts at 4:30 in the morning and he makes sure he goes to sleep as early as possible. He does not like to work night shifts and the producers of his movies are well aware of his fitness routines.

Healthy Eating:

While the world is busy with different diet plans to maintain their health, Akshay believes that home-cooked food is the best to stay fit and healthy. He has confessed this many times that home-cooked food is his secret to health and carries it even for his shoots. He has his last meal of the day by 7 pm. Akshay stays away from alcohol and nicotine substances and can never be seen at a party. His diet is as follows:

  • Breakfast: A glass of milk with some parathas
  • Noon: A bowl of mixed fruits
  • Lunch: Chicken, dal, fresh vegetables and yogurt with some roti.
  • Evening: Fresh fruit juice without sugar.
  • Dinner: His dinner includes soup, salads, and veggies. He likes to keep it very light.

Workout Regime:

Unlike most of the actors, Akshay Kumar doesn’t give much priority to working out at the gym. Akshay prefers having a fit body rather than a muscular one that most of the actors have and stays away from all kinds of food supplements and steroids. He often gives his time to martial arts and sports, mainly basketball. Akshay does not like follow the same workout routine so he keeps some variations in them so that he doesn’t get bored. His daily workout routine includes a session of swimming followed by martial arts and yoga. He also makes sure that he meditates for one hour each day. All this without a trainer and heavyweights.

What have we learned?

To have a perfect body like Akshay, homemade food with a good sleep routine and early morning workouts is the key. Akshay lives a simple life away from all the luxuries an actor has and gives his everything to keep us entertained.

This is what makes the Khiladi different from the others and one of the many reasons that we all love him.