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A Village which has Wi-Fi, Zero Taxes and is 100% Vaccinated – Know more about Punsari “SMART” village!

A Village which has Wi-Fi, Zero Taxes and is 100% Vaccinated – Know more about Punsari “SMART” village! November 5, 2019Leave a comment

While many villages in India are still struggling for basic facilities like water, electricity and roads, the people of this village in India are demanding to increase WiFi data! No kidding. Here is a small village in Gujarat called the ‘Punsari’ village and its no less than any modern city. Prime Minister Narendra Modi awarded this village as India’s first ” SMART” village.


This village population is 6,000 currently and its like a small country in itself. Electricity and Wi-Fi facilities are available through the village. There are paved roads, Cleanliness in Every house with a toilet and even RO Water facility. It has two primary schools, a hospital, street lights and a good drainage system. Computer training is provided to every student in the school here as Education is very important here. A moving library has also been arranged for those who are fond of reading. Books are kept like a library in a moving auto.


History of the Village prior to becoming SMART Village:

With no water and electricity, the law and order was also bad in the village many years back, to the extent that many families had moved out of the village to better avenues and cities. The village Panchayat faced a loss of Rs.1.2 lakhs, with 328 families below the poverty line.

The current Sarpanch of Punsari, Himanshu Patel, was studying then in higher classes and he researched on government schemes that were adopted to change the situation in the village. He urged the Sarpanch to make use of these schemes. Post his graduation, Himanshu contested in the Gram Panchayat elections and became the youngest Sarpanch at the age of 22.

He got to work quickly and applied all schemes and ideas to make what Punsari Village is today. By 2008, Punsari village was completely transformed from a rural area to a modern day SMART Village.


Let’s take a look at Some Amazing Facts of this Village:

  • Wi-Fi and Electricity is available uninterrupted throughout the Village. The villagers can get 30 Mbps data by registering themselves at the panchayat for Rs.50 per month. And it also has a solar energy model.
  • Has its Own Website and currently there are 300 internet users in the village
  • Zero Pending Taxes
  • CCTV’s installed across the entire village public spaces
  • 140 Loudspeakers have been installed through the Village to make important Public Announcements and forms the single address system
  • An Atal Bus Service runs through this village and the ticket amount to travel anywhere in it is just Rs.2
  • The Sarpanch of the Village is well-educated and owns an Iphone wherein Apps that help him manage Administration better are installed
  • Not only that, the sarpanch also monitors the government schools of the village on a Live video App.

A Moving Library conceptimage

‘Besides the above, Punsari has been awarded the Best “model’ for a Village and hailed as India’s First ” Digitally SMART” village. All thanks to one man, who brought about the change. Sarpanch Himanshu gives this message to his next generation saying “Don’t migrate from villages due to lack of amenities, rather get the amenities of the cities here but keep the spirit of the village alive”.


If the government and citizen money is used properly, then every village in India will definitely become a model village. The way the Center and many state governments are showing interest in this village, we can hope that the number of smart villages increase soon.