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“Saddam Hussein” keeps this Lord Ram’s Temple Clean! Details Inside

There is a religion above all Religions and that is True Love and Compassion

“Saddam Hussein” keeps this Lord Ram’s Temple Clean! Details Inside April 11, 2019Leave a comment

Keeping a Temple clean is nothing to write home about, but, still there is one such person who is trending and in the news for Keeping a Ram temple clean and tidy. The man in question is a 27 year old cab driver, Saddam Hussein, who is in the buzz for keeping his neighbourhood Ram Temple spanking clean. Although, there are many helpers in the Seva Mandal of the Mandir, to help with preparations, he stands out by keeping the chariot well-serviced and maintained.

27-year-old Saddam Hussein is responsible for keeping the Ram Mandir clean and tidy and maintaining and servicing the Temple chariot. The first thing he does after entering the temple is dusting the floors, wiping the idols, sweeping the premise and maintaining the decorum of the temple and that too singlehandedly. And this he does everyday of his life.

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Saddam Hussein does odd jobs through his day and also drives a Cab, “There are two kinds of people — one, who appreciate me for doing this job, the second pass comments on my work. I just greet them with a smile,’’ says Saddam.

Communal hatred is common across many countries and especially the Islamic community bears the brunt for it most of the times. However, a simpleton from Bengaluru, Saddam Hussein is a shining example that love and humanity prevails and is above the petty differences of religion.